Top 15 Time Management Tools


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Top 15 Time Management Tools

15min read


We all suffer from procrastination (for example, through social media) and struggle with getting things done. Effective time management skills allow you to get more done in less time. We introduce you to the 15 best time management tools, which will help you to complete tasks and streamline productivity.

1. Freework

Freework is a powerful tool that inclues everything you need to run a project based company, including tools from Time tracking to invoicing. The tool offers various integrations e.g a Chrome extension to help you ship your projects even faster.


  • Easy to create payments for clients

  • Has a mobile and web app as well as a Chrome extension

  • Free & premium version

  • 24h customer support

  • Features like Time tracking, Project- and client management, invoicing with auto tax generator and insightful reports


  • Only available in English

Available On: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows


  • Free - $0

  • Pro - by request

Best For: all businesses.

2. Toggl

Toggl is an all-in-one solution in terms of time tracking features. This no-hassle, time tracking software has several key features that make it ideal for small businesses or freelancers. It detects lack of activity and notifies you if you haven't done anything for a certain amount of time. It has a feature that is based on the Pomodoro technique. Google allows you to integrate with other productivity apps like Trello, Asana, or slack.


  • Convenient set up and usage

  • Chrome extension integrates with apps, such as Trello and third-party apps

  • It makes it easy to track billable hours

  • Excellent for project management.

Cons: It doesn’t come with an invoicing tool Poor mobile app compatibility

Available on: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux


  • Free Account - Free

  • Starter Account - $10 per user per month ($9 if on an annual plan)

  • Premium Account - $20 per user per month ($18 if on an annual plan)

  • Toggl also offers enterprise plans with custom pricing.

Best for: Freelancers, startups, small companies

3. Asana

Asana is a project management tool that can help to improve the overall workflow and thus allow better time management. It has integration with over 200 apps and services, including dropbox and zoom.

The separated timeline and task view make it easy to organize what your team members are doing and when.


  • Real-time collaboration

  • Plenty of integration options

  • Highly customizable


  • No time tracking

  • Bit of a steep learning curve

Available On: iOS and Android


  • Basic - $0

  • Premium - $10.99

  • Business - $24..99

Best for: Startups and small companies

4. Trello

Trello is a kanban-style app built around making lists and organizing projects. On your Trello board, cards are created to represent a task or concept. The cards can be placed under headings and shuffled as needed. For task management, moving the cards help you prioritize tasks or track progress. Trello boards can also be opened up to teams for full collaboration.


  • Easy to use

  • Can assign tasks to team members

  • Multiple platforms


  • The UI can be clunky

  • Premium versions can be expensive for solo users.

  • Most features are hidden behind a paywall.

Available on: iOS, Android, and Desktop


  • Free - $0

  • Standard - $5

  • Premium - $10

  • Enterprise - $17.50

Best for: Freelancers, small businesses, teams

5. Rescue Time

Rescue Time is a time tracking app that helps you see how you are really spending your time. With the app running on your computer, it will track how much time you spend focused on the important tasks. Rescue time also offers training for team members on how best to use their time.


  • It trains you to focus and ignore distractions.

  • It runs in the background on your PC or device.

  • User data is private to every individual user.


  • The mobile app still needs some work.

Available On: iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows


  • Lite - $0

Best For: Anyone who wants to really see how they use their time.

6. Evernote

Evernote is an all-in-one productivity app that can be used to store everything and anything. With the nesting system of folders and tags, all of your tasks, project ideas, workflows, and contacts can all be stored in one place. The handy web clipper web extension is also great for saving websites.


  • Cloud notebook available on all devices

  • Ability to share notebooks with team members.

  • Easy to organize notes


  • Very limited free plan

  • Not suitable for short notes or tasks.

Available On: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows


  • Free - $0

  • Personal - $9.99

  • Professional - $12.49

Best For: Personal, freelancers, teams

7. Todoist

Todoist is among the best to-do list apps out there. Even the free version gives you plenty of room to add tasks, create projects, and manage your time. It also functions as a time management app with its simple internal language to assign a date to tasks. If you want to assign a task for tomorrow, all you need to do is use the word “tomorrow” when you type out your task.

The premium and business versions allow you to have more open projects, and a greater file upload capacity, and themes.


  • Uses natural language to create due dates.

  • Siri and Amazon integration

  • Powerful yet flexible.


  • Custom lists take a little work to see

  • UI for the Windows app needs work

  • Subtasks are clunky

Available On: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux


  • Free - $0

  • Pro - $4

  • Business - $6

Best For: Anyone needing a simple yet powerful to-do list.

8. TickTick

TickTick is a to-do list app that will help you manage your time by managing what you need to do. Not only can you insert your tasks, but you can sort them by priority levels, create tags, folders, and smart lists.

As an added bonus, TickTick includes a white noise option and a Pomodoro timer for when you really need to focus. You can share your to-do lists with your team and even add tasks.


  • Many options for sorting and organizing tasks.

  • Easy collaboration features.

  • Bonos pomodoro timer and whitenoise.


  • Some limitations with the free version (no collaboration)

  • Notifications can be a little glitchy.

Available On: iOS, Android, macOS, watchOS, Windows, Linux, Web


  • Free - $0

  • Premium - $27.99 Annually

Best For: Freelancers, Teams

9. Notion

If you need a highly flexible productivity app, then the best place to look is Notion. Notion appears minimal at first, but its robust options allow you to make anything from a to-do list to kanban boards to workflows. Its sheer flexibility is what makes it great for product management.

A personal board is fully free with all the bells and whistles. It's only when you want to work with a team when there is a small monthly fee.


  • Powerful and flexible app that can mold to the user's needs

  • Collaborate with teams on a single board


  • Steep learning curve for the more advanced functions

  • Could use more integration

Available On: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows


  • Personal - $0

  • Personal Pro - $4

  • Team - $8

  • Enterprise - Custom pricing

Best for: Freelancers, startups, small to medium businesses.

10. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is a tried and true member of to-do list apps. It gives you the basics of everything you need to manage your busy life. As a time management app, it gives you plenty of options to add and sort tasks and includes Evernote and Gmail integration. You can also share your lists with collaborators.


  • Easy interface

  • Robust search options

  • Collaboration options.


  • Older style

  • Not ideal for larger teams.

  • Important features locked behind a paywall.

Available On: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Amazon Apps, macOS, Windows, Linux, Web


  • Free - $0

  • Pro - $39.99 Annually

Best For: Freelancers, small teams.

11. Google Workspace

If your team is already familiar with Google's array of apps, then Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) may be a good option.

The workspace is an app that integrates the full suite of Google apps along with a custom business email. The use of google sheets, Gmail, calendar and other Google products creates a seamless functionality that makes any workflow more efficient.


  • Seamless integration of all Google products.

  • 14-day free trial

  • Fully cloud supported.


  • Relies completely on Google's interface.

  • No desktop tools.

Available On: iOS, Android, Web


  • Business Starter - $7.80 per user per month

  • Business Standard - $15.60 per user per month

  • Business Plus - $23.40 per user per month

  • Enterprise - Custom pricing

Best For: Startups, small to medium businesses

12. HourStack

HourStack is a time tracking application that allows you to plan your time and streamline your productivity. This calendar-based scheduling and time tracking tool are excellent for gaining insight into how your team works and how to integrate that data for effective project management and collaboration.

It includes seamless integration with your favorite applications, such as Google Calendar and Todoist, to give you a boost in task management.


  • Plan your time in advance or use the integrated timer.

  • Easy to create and send reports.

  • Stellar Integration.


  • The app can be a little glitchy.

  • No free version.

Available On: iOS, Android, Web


  • Personal - $9

  • Team - $12

Best For: Small Businesses

13. Ora

Ora is another Kanban-style project management app similar to Trello but with more functionality to play with. Not only does it have a mobile app, but also desktop, mac, and browser extensions so that your Ora board is available wherever you need it.

Ora provides a variety of views, such as list view, to see your to-do list in a compact form. You can also view the kanban board for a more tactical approach. Ora even has time tracking and collaborative functionality.


  • Kanban-style with features that can be toggled as needed.

  • Time tracking

  • Collaboration and assigning tasks.


  • Steep learning curve.

  • Needs more integration options.

  • Available On: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux


  • Basic - $0

  • Professional - $5.99 per user per month

  • Enterprise - $19.99 per user per month

  • Professional x10 - $999 one time payment

  • Professional x20 - $2999 one time payment

Best For: Freelancers, Small Businesses, Startups

14. Avaza

Avaza is a project management software to organize and collaborate with your team. It includes features such as automation, timesheet, time tracker, and invoices. Avaza takes the place of multiple apps, letting you simplify your workflow and work more efficiently as a team.


  • All in one platform

  • Easy tracking and scheduling


  • Quoting system isn't very flexible.

  • Large projects could use a phase option.

Available On: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Web


  • Free - $0

  • Startup - $11.95

  • Basic - $23.95

  • Business - $47.95

Best For: Startups, small to medium businesses

15. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a time tracker that automatically works in the background to record how your employees are using their time. This app allows you to see real-time data on work hours and what the average workday looks like. Knowing this, you can use the data to increase team productivity and, therefore, profitability.


  • Tracks time automatically. No need to turn on a timer.

  • Enterprise-level security.

  • Multilingual customer service.


  • Outdated UI

  • Linux and macOS apps need work

Available On: Android, macOS, Windows, Linux


  • Basic - $7 per month

  • Standard - $10 per month

  • Premium - $20 per month

Best For: Startups, small to medium businesses.


These 15 apps could be an invaluable part of your business or even manage your personal life. Time tracking apps can show you how you use your time, thus allowing you to make decisions to use it more efficiently. Meanwhile, task management apps can help you organize your work, projects, and life.

There are many time management tools that you can use to keep yourself organized. This list is just a few of those options.

Whatever project you do, you can do it with Freework.

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