Release Notes

Freework 1.22.8

Date: Jan 10, 2018

• now almost all currencies are supported
• the task and customer lists can now be refreshed by pulling them down
• we now suggest task names during tracking
• minor improvements and bugfixes

Freework 1.20.4

Date: Jan 04, 2018

• Swipe a client or task row in the list to see additional options (eg. continue task)
• We show now which task is running in our timeline
• a notification when there is no internet connection
• functionality to invite your friends to Freework
• new app icons
• minor improvements and bugfixes

Freework 1.17.1

Date: Dec 17, 2017

• We improved the export functionality: Now you are able to adjust your task-list before requesting an export
• Get an overview via push and complete your daily timesheet after your work ends
• Some minor bugfixes (invalid timezone, translations, UI adjustments, …)

Freework 1.15.0

Date: Dec 07, 2017

• Our reminder functionality is live! You’ll never forget to stop your task once you’re done. From now we will remind you on workdays if the timer hasn’t started in the morning and the timer is still running in the evening. Of course, you’re able to change all settings (workdays, morning-/evening-time and switch off reminders)
• Performance improvements timeline view
• Other minor bugfixes

Freework 1.11.2

Date: Nov 20, 2017

• We fixed the client creation flow: Now multiple created clients by mistake should be a thing of the past
• Task creation is now way easier:
• start tracking w/o filling out client/task name field
• timer starts directly — change task name and client on the fly while tracking
• a new stop button if the task is really done
• Optimized to make sure everything runs smoothly on the new iPhone X
• Tracking Widget – even when the app is running in the background you see if your timer is running
• Loading indicator when app is waiting for data

Freework 1.9.0

Date: Nov 08, 2017

• We updated the manual task creation and start tracking screen; from now on its easier to select client, task-name and -duration
• Adjustments sharing/invite screen
• We added further address information to the client detail view
• From now on we will re-create a task which will be resumed from a past day
• We solved some problems and improved the client creation flow
• Other minor bugfixes

Freework 1.7.1

Date: Nov 02, 2017

• From now on it’s possible to create your tasks manually, in addition to our time tracking functionality
• We introduced an onboarding flow for our new users
• Adjustments empty states
• Some design fixes
• Other minor bugfixes

Freework 1.6.2

Date: Oct 29, 2017

• Bugfix: we solved the problem that some users got the app in the wrong language.

Freework 1.6.1

Date: Oct 23, 2017

• From now on it’s possible to connect your Freework account with Google
• New look & feel for the login page
• A new, simpler timeline view: separated days, summarized logged hours/money
• Preparation for our first Slackbot integration (will be released in the next days)
• Some UI fixes
• Localized date-/time-format
• … and lots of other smaller changes

Freework 1.4.1

Date: Oct 10, 2017

• the keyboard does not open and close anymore when searching for tasks
• disabled the autocorrect when searching for tasks
• some design fixes
• other bugfixes

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