Release Notes

Freework 1.11.2

Date: Nov 20, 2017

– We fixed the client creation flow: Now multiple created clients by mistake should be a thing of the past
– Task creation is now way easier:
— start tracking w/o filling out client/task name field
— timer starts directly — change task name and client on the fly while tracking
— a new stop button if the task is really done
– Optimized to make sure everything runs smoothly on the new iPhone X
– Tracking Widget – even when the app is running in the background you see if your timer is running
– Loading indicator when app is waiting for data

Freework 1.9.0

Date: Nov 08, 2017

– We updated the manual task creation and start tracking screen; from now on its easier to select client, task-name and -duration
– Adjustments sharing/invite screen
– We added further address information to the client detail view
– From now on we will re-create a task which will be resumed from a past day
– We solved some problems and improved the client creation flow
– Other minor bugfixes

Freework 1.7.1

Date: Nov 02, 2017

• From now on it’s possible to create your tasks manually, in addition to our time tracking functionality
• We introduced an onboarding flow for our new users
• Adjustments empty states
• Some design fixes
• Other minor bugfixes

Freework 1.6.2

Date: Oct 29, 2017

• Bugfix: we solved the problem that some users got the app in the wrong language.

Freework 1.6.1

Date: Oct 23, 2017

• From now on it’s possible to connect your Freework account with Google
• New look & feel for the login page
• A new, simpler timeline view: separated days, summarized logged hours/money
• Preparation for our first Slackbot integration (will be released in the next days)
• Some UI fixes
• Localized date-/time-format
• … and lots of other smaller changes

Freework 1.4.1

Date: Oct 10, 2017

With this release we have fixed:
• the keyboard does not open and close anymore when searching for tasks
• disabled the autocorrect when searching for tasks
• some design fixes
• other bugfixes

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