Recruitment Strategies Your Company Needs in 2022


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Recruitment Strategies Your Company Needs in 2022

5min read


Stay ahead of the curve with these genius hiring tactics. Tap into the freelancer workforce to hire experts for your company.

Stay ahead of the curve with these genius hiring tactics.

As more and more professionals are turning towards freelancing, recruitment processes are going through a major paradigm shift. No, it’s not just the mid-range agencies and startups that are looking into the possibilities of working with freelancers but also corporate giants who are ready to expand their workforce.

Why? The answer is two-fold - finance and flexibility.

Freelancers cost companies way less than full-time employees. Imagine cutting down on health insurance, travel allowance, city allowance and other such auxiliary costs from the list of your employee benefits. How much money does that save your company?

For professionals, freelancing means having more control over their work and environment without losing out on the salary. Corporates can often upset work-life balance and burn you out before you know it. Haven’t we all been there, done that?

Clearly, freelancing benefits both the employer and the employed. Good news is, it’s on the rise. Reports state that freelancers in the US constitute 36% of he entire workforce and the number is consistently growing.

Table of Content:

  • How Companies are Tapping into the Gig Economy

  • Freelancer Management Platform

  • A Transparent Hiring Process

  • Freelancer Communication and CRM Pool

  • Collaborate on Multiple Projects with Multiple Freelancers

  • Track Time and Manage Projects Efficiently

  • Proactive Onboarding for Bigger Corporates

  • Timely and Accurate Payment

How Companies are Tapping into the Gig Economy

Digitization has lead to the rise of the mobile workforce, making geographical boundaries a thing of the past. This allows companies to hire the best for their teams and get work done faster. There’s been a growing trend of specializing in niche skill set which could mean getting top-notch expertise for your company’s projects. Gig companies are not only saving resources by curtailing costs in terms of employee benefits, office space and training, but also by employing high-rate contractors and freelancers for short terms.

Freelancer Management Platform

Freelancing sure is a welcome change from the traditional work system for both professionals and hiring companies. However, accessing the freelancer pool from all over the world and onboarding the right fit for your company might be a lengthy and tiring process. This is where the role of a Freelancer Management System kicks in. Freelancer Management platforms automatize the process for you so that you can onboard and manage freelancers faster and better. Manage freelancers better.

A Transparent Hiring Process

Freelancer Management platforms like Freework give you access to over 2.5 million freelancer profiles, bringing the best talentpool from across the world to your desktop or mobile. This readily available freelancer pool saves you time and energy by organizing talent according to skill set. Whether it is a developer, designer or copywriter that you are looking for, find the best fit for your company with just a click of the button.

Freelancer Communication and CRM Pool

When companies zero down on the freelancer it wants to hire, they must directly communicate with the freelancer to ask about their availability. This crucial step allows companies to plan their projects and deadlines well in advance. Companies also have the option of creating their own pool of freelancers (potential and existing recruits) for internal reference. This makes it easier for them to share the list with different departments and ask for recommendations and reference.

Collaborate on Multiple Projects with Multiple Freelancers

With Freelancer Management Platforms in place, companies no longer need to restrict their projects to just one freelancer at a time. Collaborate with multiple freelancers for a single project and share files to make task engagement seamless. It also lets you chat with the freelancers from any device to communicate the changing project requisites clearly at any given point of time.

Track Time and Manage Projects Efficiently

Effective time management is key to successful project planning. Freelancer Management systems like Freework features time tracking mechanism which automatically gauges the amount of time spent on particular tasks and projects. This makes it easier for the companies to predict deadlines and budgets. The time tracker can also be used to create invoices so that you pay only for the tasks that are pertaining to your project.

Proactive Onboarding for Bigger Corporates Corporate giants often lose out on freelancer onboarding because their job vacancies mostly address full-time employees. Freework helps these companies explore the freelancing space by setting up a job portal where freelancers can proactively apply to work for these companies. Now that’s a potential workforce Freework saved from getting lost.

Timely and Accurate Payments

Let’s face it- at the end of the day, it is money that is driving the projects, both for the employee and the employer. So, make sure to process it on time. Freelancer Management softwares make it easier for the companies to make payments by automatizing invoices and relating them to the time trackers. Tax compliance and employment terms should also be prioritized in the process. Freework takes care of all that so companies can focus on getting the real work done.

Preparing for the Changing Work Environment

The shift in the professional space is happening slowly but surely. Being an agent of change can be revolutionary but also comes with a lot of responsibility. Employing freelancers for corporate projects can be a game changer but in order to sustain the model for long-term, companies must streamline it. Companies should be looking into Freelancer Management platforms to get ahead in the race. Head over to Freework to see how the system works and how your company can benefit from it.

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